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  • Our research is focused on

    Developing new drugs for

    Neurological disorders, cancer, Liver diseases, inflammatory and respiratory diseases and cardiovascular conditions
    with progressive non-viral liver diseases

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  • Our mission is to develop

    Nucleobody technology for treating cancer and infectious diseases

    to improve the life of the patients suffering from unmet medical needs

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  • We are dedicated to the

    Discovery, Development &

    Of innovative therapies intended to significantly improve outcomes in patients
    suffering from life-threatening diseases.

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Welcome to Cheminger!

We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative therapies intended to improve outcomes in patients sufferings

Pharma Team

Company was founded by eminent scientists dedicated to treat cancer and pathological diseases with novel technologies.

Our Team

Pharma Focus

We Interrogate the mechanism of viral polymerase catalytic site to develop nucleoside analogs as a therapy for Human Influenza. Also, role of E1 and E2 in chronic liver diseases was under study for vaccine development.

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Pharma Pipeline

Drugs for Dengue, cholera, norovirus, immune check points and nonalcohol fatty liver diseases are in pipe line. Software development for Ion channel Toxicity, cancer drug discovery & neurological disorders along with Drug database development for cancer and infectious diseases were under development.

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We have core competencies with 15 years of experience in drug discovery and development.

Development pipeline

We are focussing on developing the diagnostic kit to predict the cell viability and life span of the patient undergoing chemotherapy and treatment for infectious diseases . We thus striving hard for a leading position in oncology and infectious diseases


Research & Preclinical


Starting Phase


Medium Phase


Finishing Phase


After Drug Approval


Drugs Production

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Cheminger Inc. is a biotechnology company located in Canada and India. Our team members have advanced backgrounds in structure-based drug design, structural biology, vaccine and cell line development.

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